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Structure tailor-made or standardized modules
CE standards in force : EN 1176-1 to 11 /playground ; EN 15567-1 /construction park adventures ; EN 15567-2 /operation course adventures ; EN 1263-1 /safety manufacture NET ; EN 1263-2 /safety net poses ; XPS 72-701 /control of the ears.

Acrobatic products

Parks Adventures, circuits adventures INDOOR or OUTDOOR with safety nets, Tyrolean traverse, jump mattress, jump towers…

Fun products

Acrofilets, nets, INDOOR or OUTDOOR circuits, Pandora's box, structures tubular ouflottantes, Park Willy,
Junior Park…

Sporting goods

Climbing wall, via ferrata
(circuit on rock and Cliff)…

Atypical accommodation

Treehouse, tent suspended, bird nests, ballsleep,
resting platform…


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