Safety equipment and playgrounds

French legislation and European standards

Private or public collective playgrounds, indoor or outdoor for small or large must guarantee the highest security.
The regulation thus frames manufacturing, reception, installation, the maintenance and servicing of equipment and gaming sites.



Manufacturing, reception, installation, maintenance of the games are defined by various decrees and standards :
- The Decree No. 94-699 the 10 August 1994 sets the security requirements for collective playgrounds equipment ;
- The Decree No. 96-1136 the 18 December 1996 regulates the installation and implementation ;
- Standards NF S 54-201 and 202, NF EN 1176 on the audit on the compliance of collective playgrounds site ;
- The standard NF S 54-300 on the audit on the compliance of educational equipment of motor site ;
- HIC method, According to NF EN 1177 customized laboratory or on-site security soil damping performance ;
- NF S 52-901 on control of stability and the strength of sports facilities of nearby fasteners located in outdoor or indoor.


Since 1 January 1995, installed equipment must be accompanied by mandatory information. Some take the form of marking directly affixed on the equipment and on the packaging. More information should be provided in the instructions accompanying the equipment.

On each equipment are mandatory :
- the name or business name or trademark of the manufacturer or importer and his address ;
- a statement identifying the model ;
- If there is, the necessary warnings to the prevention of the risks inherent in the user of the equipment.

These markings are affixed in a visible, legible and indelible. These marking obligations apply to all those who manufacture equipment of collective playgrounds on a casual basis or on a professional basis, as well as the technical services of the communities. Furthermore, regulatory updates the load Manager or operator the obligation to indicate on the equipment or its nearby, the age group for which the equipment is intended.

This obligation applies to all facilities of collective playgrounds implanted on the surface regardless of the date of their installation. This information can be provided in the form of pictogram.

The instructions supplied by the manufacturer to the purchaser must indicate :
- the instructions for use ;
- mounting and installation instructions ;
- maintenance tips ;
- the minimum age of children for which the product is intended ;
- warnings about the risks associated with the use of the product.

The record is retained by the Manager or operator in the base of the installation folder.


The main points to be checked :
- Strength and stability ;
- Condition of the surfaces ;
- Spacing, angles ;
- Protecting the high parts ;
- Materials.

RQUE : Security requirements specific to certain equipment
There are decrees defining the specific regulations for certain equipment : Slides, Games in rotation, Swings, Translation games, Devices to climb, Swing games, etc.


Maintenance of sites and the maintenance of equipment are mandatory.
The regulation requires the establishment of formal procedures :
- the establishment of a basis for each playground folder ;
- the development of a plan of interventions to be carried out ;
- the organisation of regular inspections and maintenance of a register evidencing them.

The base of each folder includes :
- the site map ;
- the coordinates of the suppliers of equipment ;
- manuals, installation and maintenance of equipment ;
- the file relating to the installation of the equipment ;
- certificates of conformity of equipment ;
- maintenance and maintenance plans accompanied by the documents attesting to their realization.

Managers should strive to be as complete as possible folder.
Maintenance and maintenance plans must be developed by each manager or each operator.

For regular monitoring of the equipment, three types of complementary approaches are recommended by reference to existing standards :
- simple controls Visual to perform frequently in nature ;
- further checks monthly to quarterly ;
- annual semi-annual in-depth checks.

These response sheets complement the register that each manager must implement.